Adult Education Matters. For every dollar spent on Adult Education, your states saves 7 dollars on other services.

It’s a powerful statistic. We want to help expand the impact of each dollar spent while also supporting your adult education team across the state to be even more effective and efficient.

How We Can Help

Steps along the Adult Education Path

  • Enrollment Assessment Goal Setting

  • Adult Basic Ed

  • Adult Secondary Ed

  • Correctional Institutions

Our platform can help your students move forward on their path to a better job and a better life

  • On Your Team

    We are educators and we share the same belief that education of all kinds can open the doors of opportunity for students.

  • Course Focus

    Designed specifically for your unique population, wherever they are on their career pathway

  • Scalable to Your Needs

    Needs and resources are different. Our structure allows us to partner with you on a small or large scale.

  • Course Format

    Courses are 100% online and provide the needed balance between independent student learning and progress tracking.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Students can access the platform from any device at any time

  • Educator Support

    Our platform supports you, the educator, by providing you with the tools you need to do your job more effectively and efficiently.

Interactive e-learning career exploration courses designed specifically for your constituents

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